Endometriosis Family Support Group

Please join us for a special webinar featuring Margaret DeFranco of Research OutSmarts Endometriosis (ROSE) on Wednesday, April 19.  The webinar will begin at 7 p.m. 

For more information about the Endometriosis Family Support Group or to register for the April 19th webinar, please contact Program Director Erin Lang at 951-321-6514 or email Erin@RMCcharity.org.


Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation’s Endometriosis Family Support Group provides an opportunity for individuals who have endometriosis to share information, offer support and provide encouragement. This support group meets on the third Wednesday of most months (no meetings are held in August and December).  Diagnosis, treatments, pain management, diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications are just a few of the important topics discussed. This is one of only a few endometriosis support groups that meet in Southern California, as most endometriosis groups are only offered online.

Meetings and webinars are FREE and participants are welcome from all medical groups. Spouses, partners, adult family members and close friends are welcome to attend meetings, too! 

For further information about the Endometriosis Family Support Group, please contact Erin Lang, Program Director, at (951) 321-6514 or Erin@RMCcharity.org.

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